Getting started development with Skybuffer REST APIs is very easy. All you need to know is some information about RESTful web services and JSON data flow format.

RESTful web services (also known as RESTful web APIs) are considered as a gateway for data consumption from 3rd party solutions that broadcast data for public use and have these application interfaces already in place. Data from RESTful web APIs is commonly used to enrich companies data with additional product information, social data, weather forecast or etc.
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a text-based standard designed for data interchange. JSON communication protocol allows to serve the same data volume with less message size compare with XML.

  Cloud Checklist

discover REST APIs set

Would you like Cloud Checklist to be used as integrated solution with either custom user interface or even as a background engine. We made application programming interfaces (APIs) that completely cover core solution functionality include websocket synchronization.

Developers are very welcome to use our cloud solution limited only by fair flexible collaborative rate for number of calls per active user.