Users related resources

Resource Description
GET user/get_consumer_token/ Return required information for further OAuth usage (consumer_key and consumer_secret)
POST user/ New user registration
GET user/profile/ Getting user profile information.
POST user/reset/ Reseting user password
PUT user/password/ Updating user password
PUT user/profile/ Update user profile

Users connections

Resources for management connections between users

Resource Description
GET user/connections/ Getting user connections
POST user/connection/ Adding new connection
DELETE user/connection/:id/ Delete already exists user connection

Users messages

Resources for users messages managment

Resource Description
GET user/messages/ Getting user messages
POST user/message/ Adding new message
GET user/message/:id/ Getting certain user message
DELETE user/message/:id/ Delete user's message
PUT user/message/:id/accept/ Accept incoming invitation message
PUT user/message/:id/decline/ Decline incoming invitation message


Resources for lists managment

Resource Description
GET lists/ Getting users lists
POST list/ Adding new list
GET list/:list_id/ Getting certain list info
PUT list/:list_id/ Rename users list
DELETE list/:list_id/ Deleting users list
GET list/:list_id/favorite/ Getting information about favorite status for certain list id
PUT list/:list_id/favorite/ Adding list into favorites list
DELETE list/:list_id/favorite/ Deleting list from favorites list
GET list/:list_id/subscription/ Getting information about subscription status for certain list id
PUT list/:list_id/subscription/ Adding list into subscription list
DELETE list/:list_id/subscription/ Deleting list from subscription list

List Items

Resources for list items managment

Resource Description
POST list/:list_id/item/ Adding new list item
GET list/:list_id/item/:item_id/ Getting information about list item
PUT list/:list_id/item/:item_id/ Changing list item
DELETE list/:list_id/item/:item_id/ Deleting list item
GET list/:list_id/item/:item_id/confirm/ Getting information about list item confirm status
PUT list/:list_id/item/:item_id/confirm/ Set list item to confirmed status
DELETE list/:list_id/item/:item_id/confirm/ Revert list item status to not confirmed status
PUT list/:list_id/item/:item_id/sort/ Changing list item order index

Lists Viewers

Resources for lists viewers managment

Resource Description
GET list/:list_id/viewers/ Getting information about list's viewers
POST list/:list_id/viewers/ Adding new viewer
GET list/:list_id/viewers/:viewer_id/ Getting information about list's viewer
PUT list/:list_id/viewers/:viewer_id/ Changing list viewer permissions
DELETE list/:list_id/viewers/:viewer_id/ Deleting list viewer


Services resources

Resource Description
GET service/users/:q/ Getting list of users